Far Infrared Sauna

Lie back and relax in our lovely far infrared sauna. With a myriad of health benefits it’s a real winner even without just feeling great from the heat!

For centuries heat has been used to boost health. You can look back to many civilisations and see that heat in the form of sweat lodges or hots rocks were used even before saunas came into existence. They have come a long way since then.

A lot of people have heard about normal saunas but how is a far infrared sauna different?

Well, your head is outside of the sauna and you can get the benefits of the sauna without the same temperatures so for anyone who does not tolerate heat very well it’s much more comfortable. Infrared heat is the same as the warmth that you feel coming from the sun. Traditional saunas heat the air but infrared saunas directly heat your body causing a rise in temperature that improves circulation, boosts your metabolism and causes you to sweat. Sweating is a route of detoxification for the body so this helps you to release the built up toxins of everyday modern life.

Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna

Detoxification - improved circulation and increased sweating without excessive heat causes an all round detox effect on your body

Increase metabolism and aids weight loss - deep penetration of energy from an infrared sauna has been shown to boost metabolism, improve circulation and hence aid weight loss. Combine this with a nutritional therapy assessment and get an individualised dietary programme tailor made for you and you can really start to shift those stubborn pounds!

Decrease stress - modern lifestyles have us continually 'on the go' and this puts our bodies in a high alert sympathetic nervous system dominance situation. The heat and relaxation from a far infrared sauna switches us into a restful parasympathetic nervous system dominance which allows our bodies to heal and recuperate.

Ease arthritis, joint pain and stiffness - with deep penetration of the heat into your system comes muscle relaxation and relief from joint aches and pains

Improves skin and cellulite - as your sweat more, you detox more. As you detox, you improve your skin as this is one of the major detoxification organs. Remove that burden and skin improves.

Lowers blood pressure - sweating promotes bloodflow and improves circulation as the body warms up. Clinical research shows a positive effect of far infrared saunas on heart health.

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How do I feel the benefits myself?

Sauna sessions are £20 each or block book for these great discounts:

4 sessions: £72  (10% discount - should be £80)

6 sessions: £102 (15% discount - should be £120)

8 sessions £128 (20% discount - should be £160)

10 sessions £150 (25% discount - should be £200)

When booking a package your first session is FREE so you actually get 5 sessions for the price of 4, 7 for the price of 6 and so on...

Please note : You will have a brief assessment at the beginning of the introductory session to ensure that there are no reasons why you may be unable to use the sauna.


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