Eating My Way Back to Health

This isn’t just a recipe book packed full of tasty gluten and dairy free recipes, it’s also a guide to how my husband and I turned our diets around to help his body heal itself. It’s separated into handy breakfast, lunch and dinner sections with desserts and snacks included too. There’s also a separate vegetarian section. And all of the recipes can be eaten as part of The Food Physio Weight Loss and Detox Programmes or indeed any healthy eating plan.

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Eating My Way Back to Health is a combination of our love for food and cooking, and applying my nutritional expertise with Richard’s culinary skills to produce family friendly tasty healthy food that can help boost your health.

The whole idea started when we needed to radically change our diet to help alleviate Richard’s chronic health problems and had to adapt many family favourite dishes to be able to use gluten and dairy free substitutes.

The book contains sections on…

  • Nutrients needed for health
  • The diet to aid recovery
  • Foods detrimental to health
  • Fuelling the gut well
  • Gluten - where it’s found and how to avoid it
  • Dairy - where it’s found and how to ensure sufficient calcium intake without it
  • Reducing the inflammatory load
  • Over 100 gluten and dairy free recipes

We hope you enjoy cooking them just as much as we do!

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