Who is The Food Physio?

Hi, I’m Louise. I’m married to Richard and I’ve got 2 kids aged 12 and 9. I’m just an ordinary person with the usual pressures of daily life feeding a family of four, walking the dog, keeping the house tidy and trying to work! I’ve been a physio for years but now offer nutritional therapy as well since doing my training.

I’m a bit of a nutritional anorak after all I’ve been through, giving bits of advice to family and friends whenever I can. With my background as a scientist and physiotherapist I’m obsessive about researching conditions and finding any evidence base there is to support dietary and lifestyle change.

  • BSc (Hons) Neuroscience
  • BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
  • Dip. CNM Nutritional Therapy


The Food Physio's Story

So, what brought me to this point in my life?

I am here because my husband developed inflammatory arthritis secondary to inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis) and was told by a consultant that ‘no-one gets better, everybody gets worse and that he could be in a wheelchair by the time he was 60’.

At this point he was 40 and unable to play with a bat and ball with our son for 15 minutes without the resulting inability to move his wrist for the following 3 days due to pain and swelling. He was put on a strong anti-inflammatory and told by his GP, after asking about possible dietary help, that ‘there are a lot of quack diets out there, just keep taking the tablets’.

I could not accept this and started trawling through the internet, reading journals and books to try and find the root cause of the inflammation because, if we could take that away, surely he wouldn’t need that anti-inflammatory and, most importantly, hopefully he wouldn’t get worse. And, to cut a long story short, I did it! I changed our whole diet around with what I found out and he’s now playing tennis with no signs of his inflammatory bowel disease at all! He has been able to stop all medication, in discussion with his doctors, and his latest bowel scope showed that all scarring, which had been there for 22 years, has completely gone! He does get an occasional minor arthritic flare up but these are after Christmas or when on holiday when he falls too far off the dietary wagon! Well, we’re not perfect!!

And, if you have a nutritional therapy assessment with The Food Physio, we are not expecting you to be perfect either, we are all human! We will give you the information to help you make some changes and support you through it, and we know the pitfalls, we’ve been there.

There is a huge amount of information out there and, whilst some of it is good, it can be confusing and hard to determine what to do that may be right for you! In the end, I did a 3 year course to become officially qualified, so that now I can help people like you who want to make changes, but just aren’t quite sure where to start.

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