Homemade Sauerkraut

24th November 2016 | Written by Louise Blanchfield

Sauerkraut is really great for you! It’s full of good bacteria so helps to top up your gut flora plus cabbage is a source of the amino acid glutamine which is the fuel that the cells of the gut use to repair themselves. All in all a great addition to your diet and can be enjoyed as a side dish to meat or fish.


½ green cabbage

½ red cabbage

1-3 tbsp seasalt



  1. Chop finely or shred the cabbage and put it in a large bowl
  2. Sprinkle over the salt
  3. Kneed the salt into the cabbage, liquid will start to come out of the cabbage. Continue kneeding for about 10 minutes
  4. Place the cabbage into a jar that you can seal or put it into a fermentation crock
  5. Put a plate on top of the cabbage and weight it down so that all of the cabbage is covered by liquid. If insufficient liquid has escaped from the cabbage add a little water. The cabbage must be covered.
  6. Leave at room temperature for 2 weeks. More fluid will emerge from the cabbage, remove this as needed to prevent spillage
  7. Taste, if this is the desired flavor then remove the plate, seal the jar and put it in the fridge
  8. If not, leave for up to 4 weeks


This the basic recipe, to add a bit of a different flavour you can add caraway seeds, shredded carrot or apple amongst other things.

Enjoy this as part of any healthy diet. If you think you need help with your diet or are feeling sub par and could do with some help to improve energy levels, concentration and mood book your individual nutritional therapy session now.

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