Take our 21 day challenge

It takes 21 days to change a habit.  If you can commit that time to help yourself, you’ll be amazed with how different you will feel!

At The Food Physio™ we’re not interested in short term or yo-yo dieting, and we also don’t want you to keep coming back to us, paying long-term membership fees.  We want to teach you what you need to know to start you on your weight loss journey to make permanent diet and lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime!

Take the 21 Day Challenge

What's included in the programme?

Like everything else, we have a different approach to making this happen.

Join one of our ONLINE individualised weight loss programmes and you will get:

  • Analysis of your mini health questionnaire so we are aware of any issues that you may have and to help guide the individualised aspects of the programme
  • Introductory webinar outlining the healthy eating programme we’d like you to follow – there will be NO CALORIE COUNTING and NO SELLING of any food brands! It also includes from the start, information on health issues that may restrict your weight loss and tackles them immediately to enable maximum benefit from the programme. This is not a traditional weight loss group - it is individualised and addresses health issues in addition to diet!
  • Concluding webinar – detailing how to continue your lifestyle change long term through sustainable healthy eating
  • Individualised appropriate exercise programme tailor made to you! Our physiotherapy background ensures we can take any existing health constraints to exercise into consideration.
  • Access to a closed facebook group for support
  • You’ll learn why not to eat something and why to eat something else – in other words, why something has a detrimental or positive effect on your body, so that you can choose not to eat it and won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself
  • FREE lifetime membership to our online weight loss club!

OR, join us for the webinars and facebook group with no individualisation and pay less!

So, go on join up now and start our 3 week challenge – ‘take control, feel empowered’

Please note – if you are vegan or vegetarian you need to email first as there is a different weight loss programme for you!


For individualised  programme                    For basic programme                                   

Normal price - £90   
Special offer - £49.50                                        Special offer - £35

PLEASE NOTE: That by booking this you are committing to the final webinar 1 month after your initial webinar. These will be at the same time on the same day of the week unless notified by email, the video conference is subject to change depending on the numbers attending.

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