Take our 21 day challenge

It takes 21 days to change a habit!

If you can commit that time to help yourself, you’ll be amazed with how different you will feel!

No calorie counting, feel energised, think clearly, sleep better and stop cravings!

Take the 21 Day Challenge

What does the programme include?

At The Food Physio™ we want to give you the information you need but realise that some people need weekly support to stay on target.

If you decide to join the programme you will get:

  • Analysis of your mini health questionnaire
  • Introductory seminar – including the diet to follow and common health issues that restrict weight loss. This is not a traditional weight loss plan - it is individualised and addresses health issues in addition to diet!
  • End of challenge seminar – detailing continuing the diet long term and sustainable healthy eating
  • Individualised appropriate exercise programme tailor made to you! Our physiotherapy background ensures we can take any existing health constraints to exercise into consideration.
  • Ongoing weekly support / weigh in
  • The information you need to choose not to eat something because you know what it does to you!

Choose whether you prefer the individualised programme or basic programme without exercise plan or analysis of health questionnaire.

So, go on join up now and start our 3 week challenge – ‘take control, feel empowered’



For individualised programme              For basic programme

Normal price - £90
Special price - £49.50                                 Special price - £35

To find out more information please call The Food Physio now on 0800 024 8460

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