Join us this year for the 3 week weight loss and detox programme. Last year people lost between 6 and 11lbs by the diet alone but this year we’ve added in 6 zumba classes and a session in the infrared sauna to boost your detox efforts.

Toxins are stored in fat cells, if your body can’t process the toxins very well it won’t release the fat as this would release the toxin. That’s why some people have such a hard time loosing weight. This detox is aimed to boost liver function to help it process toxins more easily and therefore the body will release the toxin and the fat.

What does the plan include?

  • 45 min talk detailing the diet plan and how to boost your liver function
  • 6 zumba classes - 2 each week over the 3 weeks
  • An introductory session in the infrared sauna to boost your detox
  • Daily facebook support from The Food Physio page

Book your place now using this link or join us on Thursday at Newton of Falkland Village Hall at 6.30pm. All this costs just £44.95.

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0800 024 8460 foodphysio
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