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Hello, I’m Louise Blanchfield and I founded The Food Physio ™ Fife with a single purpose. I aim to spread the word to as many people as possible about how food and lifestyle can seriously change your health and your life! And I know because of the dramatic change in my husband’s health just from changing his diet.

I’m also in a unique position as I’m a chartered physiotherapist and certified nutritional therapist. Physiotherapy is all about restoring normal movement. For me, nutritional therapy is about helping your body to restore normal system function. So, the Food Physio’s programmes have been designed to optimise a combination of food changes and exercise to maximise your chances of improving your health.


Gain the knowledge to help your body help itself!


Here at The Food Physio™  we aim to find the causes of conditions and address them, to support your body to help itself. We do this by examining your diet and lifestyle, and by looking at your body as a whole and not a set of individual parts.

Whether it’s through our online individual Nutritional Therapy Consultations, our webinar-based Weight-Loss Programmes or face to face consultations in Fife, The Food Physio™ can help start you on your journey to a healthier, happier future.

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