Use of Antibiotics

29th July 2016 | Written by Louise Blanchfield
Antibiotics are in the news this week. Yes, it’s very important to find new ones but why don’t they ever talk about probiotics and how they can help boost immunity and so reduce the chance that you’ll need that antibiotic! Antibiotics also kill everything in the gut…the good and the bad bacteria both get wiped out. Hence, why you can often get diarrhoea when taking them.
There are two natural bug killers for the gut that never get a mention. These being garlic and oregano. Garlic works best if you eat it raw so make an olive tapenade and eat it with meat or fish to dilute the taste or take a supplement. It kills bad bacteria on contact. Oregano can be taken as a tablet or as an oil but beware…like antibiotics it kills everything…good and bad bacteria. It is imperative that you take a probiotic after you have taken oregano to repopulate the gut. This is the same for when you’ve had antibiotics. If you don’t repopulate the gut you’ve lost all the protection of the good bacteria.
If you want to buy good quality probiotics with reputable supplement companies contact The Food Physio and we’ll give you our discount code and the details of where to use it.
Or, if you have other gut issues like bloating, flatulence, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea or constipation please contact us for advice or book your individual nutritional therapy session now to get a tailor made plan to help your symptoms.
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