Food is the Fuel that Powers Our Bodies

29th April 2016 | Written by Louise Blanchfield

Food is the fuel that powers our bodies. You wouldn’t put the wrong fuel in a car, yet why do we do it to ourselves every day?

If you have symptoms, even little things, those are your body telling you something isn’t working and we need to find out why and tackle the root cause.

Modern medicine today focuses on treating symptoms and quite often gives you a tablet which suppresses those symptoms and doesn’t look for the cause. It can be argued that in today’s healthcare service with all of the pressures on the system, that there simply isn’t the time to fully investigate every problem. However, if you suppress symptoms you ignore the warning signs and the problem goes unresolved, which can lead to more serious health issues.

For some of us, taking a tablet is what we want as it’s the easy option. Would it not be better to tackle the problem head on rather than pretend it’s not there? What we’re talking about here is changing your diet and lifestyle to enable your body to have the best chance to help itself. For some problems, however, that tablet is exactly what you need, but it can affect other areas of the body too. Human physiology is such that all of our body parts interact. If you’ve a problem with one, it affects another and, if you take a tablet for one thing, it invariably affects something else and, before you know it, you’re on two medications not one!

Here at The Food Physio™ we’re ideal to offer a truly comprehensive service because the combined knowledge of nutritional therapy and physiotherapy give us a unique background to fully understand your bodies nutritional and exercise needs. We aim to find out the causes of conditions and address them, to support your body to help itself. We do this by examining your diet and lifestyle, and by looking at your body as a whole and not a set of individual parts.

Whether it’s through our on-line individual Nutritional Therapy Consultations or our webinar-based Male / Female Weight-Loss Programmes, The Food Physio™ can help start you on your journey to a healthier, happier future.

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